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Resetting Your Metabolism offers life-changing weight loss

(and it is a lot easier than you think!)

Have you tried every diet under the sun with little to no success? 
Signed up for new plans every couple of months with the hope and excitement that things will be different this time?
Filled your fridge with healthy foods, eat the salad, drink the water, exhaust yourself in the gym, but can’t seem to shake those excess kilos? Or immediately put the weight back on? 
The problem is that most diets you’ve probably encountered haven’t been designed for what your individual body needs to release weight – until now...

Hi, I'm Lisa Mackay,

and  I’m so happy you’ve landed here because, in my two decades as a Naturopath, I’ve assessed countless weight management programs that promise the world but have never found one quite like Metabolic Balance®. 


I’m so excited to share this with you. ​


What sets this world-renowned program apart is it's tailored to your body’s unique biochemistry and powered by science, so no two programs are the same because no two bodies are the same. 


How Does It Work?

The 12-week program’s goal is to reset your metabolism to release weight naturally, balance blood sugar so you can say goodbye to those 3 pm cravings, eliminate bloating, reduce inflammation and brain fog, and improve sleep and energy levels and biomarkers such as insulin, cholesterol, and blood pressure.


We start with some very specific blood tests, which are sent to Metabolic Balance HQ in Germany and entered into a program that examines your blood work, dietary requirements and preferences to create a highly personalised nutrition plan with the optimum types of proteins, carbs and vegetables (and precision portion sizes) your body needs. 


There are, of course, some rules, i.e., no alcohol for 3 months and meals at five-hour intervals, but this is a short-term commitment for life-long change. 

Image by Ella Olsson

Within as little as two weeks, you'll start seeing your body transform before your eyes. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. When your body gets the right combination of foods and portions, everything clicks into place and weight is released effortlessly and rapidly.

If you’re ready to give yourself the gift of a metabolism reset, I’d love to share further details on this program. The results I’ve seen (and experienced myself) are truly profound!

It’s time to break up with diet culture, restrictive eating, jumping on the scales and constantly feeling disappointed. Metabolic Balance takes the guesswork out of what works best for you.


It’s an investment in your future self and health.

The Program

Quick & Lasting Results

You’ll feel more energetic, have quick (but sustainable) weight loss, a faster metabolism, and enjoy deeper sleep – the easy way!


100% Natural Wholefoods

Use regular food as your ultimate medicine. No meal replacement shakes or supplements. Simply a personalised nutrition plan with the most optimal foods for you that will help balance you naturally.


A Clear Plan to Follow

Knowing exactly what foods to eat for your body, how much to eat and when to eat means you can relax and allow your body to release weight.


No more guesswork or nutrition confusion!


Farewell frustration!

Program Inclusions

  • Initial Intake Consultation 1:1 session including full health history & assessment

  • Comprehensive blood test referral (test fee is paid directly to the lab or via your GP)

  • Personalised Nutrition Plan from Metabolic Balance® including meal plans, optimal food lists and shopping lists

  • A Kick-start Session 1:1 to go through your unique plan, setting you up for a fun & successful program

  • Five coaching sessions at regular intervals to track progress & support you on your program

  • Access to the Private Online Community– including regular Live Q&A sessions, recipes, tips, community, motivation and more!

  • BONUS – an App to easily set goals, track your progress, complete daily food & lifestyle journals, communicate with your coach and, access modules and more.

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Special Price of $1347

GET IN QUICK – Book your discovery call to see if Metabolic Balance is for YOU

Ready to learn more about how Metabolic Balance could transform your health?


Click below to book in for your Free Discovery Call:

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